North Star Fund Community Blog: What is fair taxation?

During this “tax season” some wealthy people are advocating to increasetheir own taxes.  A growing network of high-income individuals and business people are calling on Congress and the President to say, “Let my tax cut go!” This dialogue was the focus […]

The Nation: WFCG launches new report

The challenge for progressives and Democrats in these turbulent times is how to consistently and clearly explain the real causes of our current economic condition. One problem is that we live in a center-left country with a center-right media that […]

Bolder taxes

Wealth for the Common Good cofounders Chuck Collins and Alison Goldberg will speak on a March 25th teleconference organized by Bolder Giving. Learn how those of us in the philanthropy world can leverage billions of dollars towards causes we care […]

Distr: Raise My Taxes, Please

President Obama has made it clear that he wants to erase the Bush-era tax cuts for the highest earners in the country, even as he preserves the tax cuts for middle- and working-class Americans. There are plenty of Republicans and […]