German wealth for the common good

A group of wealthy people is circulating a petition calling for higher taxes for themselves. Sound familiar? This particular group is based in Germany, and it is asking the government to impose a 5% wealth tax on the 2.2 million […]

Enough Blog: Tax angst

I recently got a chance to co-facilitate a workshop designed by Wealth for the Common Good (they’re organizing rich people to fight for fairer tax policy) about wealth, taxes, and inequality. It was an awesome workshop and gave me the […]

The Hill: Buffett tells Dems rich need to pay more

Warren Buffett, the renowned investor and the world’s second richest man, told Senate Democrats that wealthy Americans need to pay higher taxes, giving Democrats something to mull as they address healthcare reform and soaring federal deficits. Senate Democrats met with […]

Los Angeles Times: Wealthy group pushes to be taxed more

Upper-income earners who actually want to pay higher taxes have launched a public campaign calling for an immediate rollback of the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush. The group, which calls itself Wealth for the Common Good, believes […]