Press Release: Patriotic Millionaires Strike Again

For Immediate Release: Contact: Jesse Beck at AGENDA PROJECT April 13th, 2011                                                                      212-481-8302 or **** Patriotic Millionaires Strike Again Millionaires to President, Reid and Boehner: “Increase our taxes NOW!”   Signers include: Director Doug Liman […]

My San Antonio: Millionaires and their tax request

Millionaires and billionaires have several options. They can: A. Do nothing except enjoy their wealth. B. Make an effort to position their money so that they avoid paying taxes. C. Continue working and investing, leveraging their wealth to become even […]

Sojourners: Sojourners Magazine: Taxes and the Common Good

When Jesus invited the tax collector Zacchaeus down from his sycamore tree, did they sit in the shade and discuss capital gains rates and oil depletion allowances? We’re missing some transcripts that could serve as an ethical guide to our […]