Newsletter: June 7, 2010

We are getting ready to publicly launch our campaign, Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse and we need your help. Along with our partners the American Sustainable Business Council, Business for Shared Prosperity, and Growth & Justice, we are […]

The Oregonian: The Oregonian: Let My Tax Cut Expire

I don’t love taxes, nor am I impressed with everything government does with my money. But at the end of this year, Congress should let the 2001 and 2003 federal tax cuts sunset for households with incomes of more than […]

Newsletter: May 11, 2010

Tax Day has come and gone, but the debate continues! House Ways and Means Chairman Sandy Levin has said that his committee intends to consider proposals on the Bush-era tax cuts by Memorial Day. During the next few weeks it […]

Action alert: Let's turn the tide.

This Tax Day, it’s time to reverse course. Over the last half-century, American’s wealthiest taxpayers have seen their tax rate drop enormously, while the share of income that middle class Americans pay has increased slightly. We need to speak up […]

Metro West Daily News: Taxes flavor a healthy economy

Think of taxes in taste terms. We’ve been conditioned to think of taxes in disgusting, bitter terms something like bad-tasting medicine to be avoided whenever possible. But consider another possibility: taxes are the delightful taste of a healthy democratic economy […]