The Hill: Group wants to raise taxes on wealthy

Increasing taxes on the nation’s wealthiest Americans would collect $450 billion in new revenue, while discouraging financial speculation, strengthen the economy and provide greater transparency, fairness and simplicity to the tax code, according to a new proposal released Wednesday. During […]

Forbes: Forbes: Tycoon tax bite down by since 1955

In 1776 the United States became perhaps the only country ever to be founded after a revolution based largely on the explicit issue of tax rates. More than two centuries later the issue still resonates loudly, and not just among […]

Newsletter: April 6, 2010

Between now and April 15th, there will be plenty of media coverage on taxes, but we can’t let the same old conversation dominate. Now’s the time to speak out about the importance of fair taxation and strong public investments. Please […]

Newsletter: March 16, 2010

Congress is poised to address the Bush-era tax cuts within the next two weeks. President Obama wants to extend the cuts for middle class Americans and allow cuts for incomes over $235,000 to expire, but there will be a battle […]

Newsletter: Feb. 9, 2010

As tax season approaches, we would like to suggest some actions you can take to make this tax day a time to mobilize for fairness. Last week, the President released his budget with some important provisions, but we are already […]

The faces of tax fairness

As tax day approaches, Wealth for the Common Good wants to encourage political leaders and the voting public to take a closer look at our tax code. The effective tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans, as compared to the […]

Newsletter: Jan. 19, 2010

Happy new year from Wealth for the Common Good! We’re starting 2010 with the launch of a new campaign: Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse. Please sign the petition calling on policymakers to end tax dodging and support a […]