Business and Wealth for the Common Good in VT

Chuck Collins, Co-Founder of Wealth for the Common Good
Thursday, March 11 at 7:30 pm near Burlington, VT
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There is a highly polarized conversation about the role of government and taxes in advancing a healthy and fair economy.  Does the concentration of wealth and power undermine our democracy?  What is the role of public investments and our “commonwealth” in wealth creation and individual success?  How do we celebrate both individual achievement and acknowledge societal investments?  Where will the money come from to pay for overdue investments in infrastructure, energy, and education?

ABOUT THE SPEAKER:  Chuck Collins is co-founder of Wealth for the Common Good, a network of business leaders, wealthy individuals and investors that support fair taxation and shared prosperity ( Chuck is a national expert who has worked to change the conversation about wealth and taxes and responsibility. Chuck is co-author with Bill Gates Sr. of Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Inherited Wealth and The Moral Measure of the Economy.