Below is a list of our campaigns.

Close the Billionaire Loophole 

The Billionaire Loophole is a tax avoidance technique exploited by the super wealthy to avoid paying at least $100 billion in estate and gift taxes. Exploiting the Loophole requires a creative and complicated use of trusts, but the impact is simple: the wealthy avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Congress should close the Billionaire Loophole today

Divest from Fossil Fuel

Make a personal pledge to divest from the fossil fuel industry that has blocked our country from adopting sane energy policies and addressing the climate crisis.

Raise Taxes on High-Incomes

A number of policies are up for debate that could make our tax system more fair and just by increasing high-income taxes. Since 2008, we have been working with partners to mobilize high-income individuals to end the Bush tax cuts and increase millionaire tax rates.

Tax Wall Street Speculation

Learn about our petition campaign on behalf of investors, business owners and executives to institute a modest federal tax on trades of stocks, futures, credit default swaps, and options. This modest levy would dampen speculation that threatens financial markets while also raising more than $150 billion annually in revenue for the US Treasury.

Stop Overseas Tax Dodging

There is no justification for tax avoidance and evasion through offshore tax havens. An estimated $100 billion or more in tax revenue is lost every year. Our economic progress is undermined when companies are rewarded for financial manipulation rather than innovation and productive investment. Many small business owners and investors are speaking out to end tax haven abuse.

Build a More Just Economy

Wealth for the Common Good is organizing “the 1% who stand with the 99%,” to speak out for a more equitable distribution of resources and a fairer tax system. Read our Call to Action to the 1% who want to work toward a more just economy.