We are facing an unprecedented ecological climate crisis and must urgently reduce the burden of carbon-based fossil fuels.

The fossil fuel sector, including big oil, gas and coal industries, have used their considerable political clout to block  energy alternatives and thwart our nation’s response to the climate crisis.

A growing movement to “divest from the fossil fuel sector” is building among colleges, universities, foundations, pension funds, and religious institutions. It is now time for individual investors to add their voices to the call.

This movement envisions that individuals and institutions should not invest and profit from corporations whose business model is recklessly destroying the planet.

There are many wonderful opportunities for re-investing funds in energy and the businesses of the new sustainable and equitable economy.


Why we must keep most carbon assets in the ground.  See Bill Mckibben’s article, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

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To learn more about the true costs of relying on our fossil fuel energy sector, see Price of Oil: Exposing the True Costs of Fossil Fuels.

Investing in the fossil fuel sector is not only wrong for the planet and future generations, it’s a risky investment because the assets of the sector will fall in value.  See this research at Carbon Tracker: Unburnable Carbon: Are global financial markets carrying a carbon bubble?






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