Raise Taxes on High-Incomes – Resources

Taxing the Wealthy – TED Talk by Chuck Collins

Wealth for the Common Good founder Chuck Collins’ TED Talk covers key aspects of why it is important to tax wealth. November, 2011.

Warren Buffett’s Call: Tax Wealth for the Common Good

Buffett pays an effective rate of 17.4 percent, whereas most middle and upper income individuals pay over 30 percent of their income. By Chuck Collins, August 2011

The Business Case for Restoring Tax Rates for High-Income Taxpayers to Pre-Bush Levels

Short report with key business talking points and quotes from business people. Business for Shared Prosperity, June 2011.

James Kwak, “Bad Arguments Against Tax ‘Increases’”

Good talking points and answers, Baseline Scenario, September 24, 2010.

Paul Krugman, “Now That’s Rich”

How deficit hawks and other conservatives are fighting for tax cuts for the wealthiest, NY Times, August 23, 2010.