Tax Wall Street Speculation – Resources

America Is Not Broke
This report challenges the premise that America is broke. In fact, we argue that the current fiscal challenge poses an opportunity to harness our ample but misdirected resources in ways that will make the country stronger. By Sarah Anderson and John Cavanagh, Institute for Policy Studies, December 2011

Taxing the Wall Street Casino Fact Sheet
Governments around the world are struggling to deal with the crushing problems of joblessness, poverty, and climate change. A financial speculation tax is the best option on the table to raise the massive revenues needed to address these urgent needs. Institute for Policy Studies, October 2011

Cut Wall Street Down to Size With a Financial Speculation Tax
A financial speculation tax might not have stopped those greed-crazed fools, but at least Uncle Sam would’ve taken in about $1.1 billion on the deals. Op-ed by Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies, June 2011

Taxing the Wall Street Casino
By Sarah Anderson, Chuck Collins, Scott Klinger, Janet Redman, Kevin Shih
Institute for Policy Studies, June 2010

Economists’ Letter in Support of Financial Transaction Tax
Over 200 economists signed an open letter in support of implementing a Financial Transaction Tax (or “Speculation Tax”).  These include Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden and James K. Galbraith.