Tax the Wall Street casino

John Fullerton, former managing director at JP Morgan, speaking in support of a financial speculation tax. Leaders from business and finance are stepping forward to support a financial speculation tax, a modest levy on the purchase and sale of stocks, […]

Newsletter: June 7, 2010

We are getting ready to publicly launch our campaign, Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse and we need your help. Along with our partners the American Sustainable Business Council, Business for Shared Prosperity, and Growth & Justice, we are […]

Newsletter: May 11, 2010

Tax Day has come and gone, but the debate continues! House Ways and Means Chairman Sandy Levin has said that his committee intends to consider proposals on the Bush-era tax cuts by Memorial Day. During the next few weeks it […]

Action alert: Let's turn the tide.

This Tax Day, it’s time to reverse course. Over the last half-century, American’s wealthiest taxpayers have seen their tax rate drop enormously, while the share of income that middle class Americans pay has increased slightly. We need to speak up […]

Newsletter: April 6, 2010

Between now and April 15th, there will be plenty of media coverage on taxes, but we can’t let the same old conversation dominate. Now’s the time to speak out about the importance of fair taxation and strong public investments. Please […]

Newsletter: March 16, 2010

Congress is poised to address the Bush-era tax cuts within the next two weeks. President Obama wants to extend the cuts for middle class Americans and allow cuts for incomes over $235,000 to expire, but there will be a battle […]