East Texas Review: Barclay on Financial Transaction Tax

Great opinion piece by former Chicago Stock Exchange executive and Wealth for Common Good member, Bill Barclay: We must reduce the role of finance so that it once again supports the real economy of goods and services, rather than playing […]

Bloomberg: Repatriation Tax Lobbying Campaign Said to Disband

A lobbying coalition advocating for a tax holiday for repatriating offshore profits has disbanded, said a lobbyist who worked on the effort who wouldn’t publicly discuss the reasons for the decision. The Win America Campaign, which included Cisco Systems Inc., […]

Star Democrat: Rich American Freeloaders

Like too many Americans, I’m unemployed. But in my case, the reason isn’t that I can’t find work — it’s that I don’t need it. I’m among the lucky few who can live comfortably off their wealth. And this isn’t […]