: Marketplace blog: Rich utilitarians

Originally published 28 July. Linked from Marketplace’s Scratch Pad blog. By Scott Jagow A group called Wealth for the Common Good has launched a campaign to repeal the Bush tax cuts immediately, instead of waiting for them to expire in […]

: Eric Schoenberg talks with CNN's Lou Dobbs

Originally aired 17 July. Linked from CNN.com, Lou Dobbs Tonight. Transcript: KITTY PILGRIM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Health care proposals the House is debating include plans to tax the rich. But according to a new study by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, that […]

: Huffington Post: Taxing the top to pay for health reform

Originally published 14 July. Linked from the Huffington Post. By Chuck Collins Hallelujah. Finally someone in Congress has the courage to propose a reasonable tax on the wealthy to help improve our nation’s broken health care system. Last Friday members […]