Some millionaires say, ‘Tax Me, please!’

While Republicans are trading high-fives in Washington over a deal that would preserve tax cuts for even the very wealthiest Americans, not all the nation’s millionaires and billionaires are cheering. Certainly plenty of upscale earners on Wall Street and elsewhere are quietly celebrating […]

YES Magazine: YES: “Let Our Tax Cuts Go”

Why some wealthy Americans aren’t happy to see their tax cuts continued. In a compromise with Republican lawmakers, President Obama agreed to extend Bush-era tax cuts for wealthy Americans for another two years—breaking his 2008 campaign promise to repeal them. […]

Common Dreams: Common Dreams: May we all thrive

If all of us are to thrive in the United States, we need accountability and support from our public systems of education, health, and transportation — the very systems that we invest our hard-earned tax dollars in. Unfortunately, the 2001 […]