How Would You Spend $700 Billion?

Congress returned to Washington this week. Shortly they will discuss the future of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Polls show 57% of Americans support allowing these Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire at the end of 2010. They believe there is a better way to spend $700 billion over the next decade.

President Obama believes the responsible thing to do is extend the tax cuts for the middle class but let the tax cuts for the wealthy expire. The Republicans want to extend the tax cuts for the rich without a plan to pay for them.

So the future is in our hands. This week, your actions really can make a difference.

Thanks for your support,
Chuck Collins, Alison Goldberg, Bill Lyons, Bob Keener, Ann Manning and Scott Klinger

Take Action:

Here are a few ways you can help push Congress this week.

1. Sign the petition to urge Congress to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. If you’ve already signed up, please urge three others to sign.

Sign the petition >>>

2. Call in to Congress — right now! Call the U.S. Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 or the U.S. House switchboard at 202-225-3121. Or you can call on Thursday as part of our larger coalition effort, through Americans for Responsible Taxes (ART).

Tell your members: Let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire. Tell them how you’d rather spend $700 Billion.

Read more about ART’s call-in day >>>

3. Send a letter to the editor. Use our nifty letter writing device to pick a newspaper and send a letter. A draft letter is provided.

If your income is under $235,000, click here.
If your income is over $235,000, click here.
If you own or operate a business, click here.

4. Write an op-ed. Work with our team to draft/place. Contact Bob Keener at


Are you a small business owner?   Small businesses are being used to justify retaining the Bush tax cuts, even though less than 3 percent of small businesses have incomes over $250,000 and many of these are boutique law firms and investment managers.  Are you a small business owner?  If you earn less than $250,000, tell your member of Congress — $700 Billion could pay for real help for real small business. If you earn more than $250,000, tell them a tax increase will not hurt your business.

Please Take Action This Week!