Mid-year Update: May 25, 2010

This is one of the few times a year that we ask for your financial support to invest in the continued work of Wealth for the Common Good.

In public debates about progressive tax reform we hear a lot from anti-tax organizations that reflexively oppose any tax increase on large corporations and wealthy households. We don’t typically hear “the other side.”

Wouldn’t you like to hear these voices in our national tax debates?

Small and large business leaders and entrepreneurs who describe how vibrant market economies rely on robust public investments in infrastructure, education, and healthy communities.

Investors and financial industry leaders who would gladly pay a transactional fee in order to regulate and strengthen the marketplace.

Active and retired CEOs, cultural celebrities, athletes, major league sports team owners, and other luminaries who believe the tax system unfairly benefits them – and that they should pay more taxes for the privilege of growing wealth in the U.S.

High-income families who advocate for higher graduated income tax rates.

First generation wealth-builders and beneficiaries of large fortunes who believe it is their responsibility to “recycle opportunity” by paying progressive estate or inheritance taxes.

• Hedge fund managers and investors, now paying low taxes on their capital income, who believe they should pay the same higher rates as wage-earners.

These are the voices of our supporters and spokespeople. The purpose of Wealth for the Common Good is to enlist and amplify these voices in our national policy debate – just as we are doing for the issue of the expiring Bush-era tax cuts for high-income households.

By speaking out about the role of the commons and public investments in financial success, we can help change the mythology about how wealth is accumulated while acknowledging the importance of taxes and societal investments for shared prosperity.

During the next six months we will hear a lot of rhetoric intended to shut down even the most modest proposals for rebalancing the tax code.

As a supporter of Wealth for the Common Good you are part of a powerful network that is shifting the public conversation on taxes in order to broaden prosperity.

We have put together an overview of our accomplishments to date and a summary of our goals for this year. Take a look.

We rely in large part on the support of individuals to continue this work. Please consider making a gift and help us build on this momentum.