Our Network

Here are some of the powerful statements from members of our network:

  • Rachael Solem

    As a capitalist, I understand that the health of our economic system is maintained not just by all of us working hard on our own, but on the investments we all make together. For 40 years, the wealthy have been disinvesting in our public institutions and services because of a steady stream of tax cuts. Real capitalists should know that this is a mistake. Our nation needs us to re-invest. Paying a bit more in taxes is a good start.

    -- Rachael Solem, owner of Irving House at Harvard and Harding House Inns
  • Peter Heegaard

    I’m a big believer in the importance of mentorship, of helping the next generation of business and community leaders find their way. But I also view efficient government and adequate tax revenue as essential ingredients in fostering the fertile soil for business development and healthy communities. Just as a healthy farm or garden needs a balance of nutrients, our country needs a balanced and fair tax system.

    -- Peter Heegaard, retired banker and former Managing Principal of Lowry Hill, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo
  • Jonathan Lewis

    “Wealth for Common Good” speaks for my values and my commitment to a national community based on fairness. In the matter of taxation, whatever amount of financial support our communities need (and we can all disagree about that), let’s stop the free riders. Fair taxes means that, no matter how big or small the pot, we all put in our fair share.”

    -- Jonathan Lewis, CEO, Microcredit Enterprises
  • Carl Schweser

    I made millions studying the math of mortgages and bonds and helping bankers pass the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam. It isn’t fair that I have retired in comfort after a career working with financial instruments while people who worked as nurses, teachers, soldiers, etc. are worried about paying for their future, their healthcare, and their children’s educations. They are the backbone of this country that allowed me to succeed. I am willing to pay more taxes so that everyone can look forward to a secure future like I do. I am the 1%. I stand with the 99%. (Which equals 100% of America.) Tax me.

    -- Carl Schweser, founder of Schweser Study Program for the CFA (now called Kaplan Schweser)
  • Naomi Sobel

    In 1900, my great-great-grandfather co-founded a mining and construction business in Utah. Shortly after the business was created, it received a number of federal grants for large infrastructure projects, including the Hoover Dam, the largest construction project ever tackled at the time. My family’s business was built upon a common wealth of public resources, scientific knowledge, and shared institutions. Those of us who have benefited from these investments have an obligation to reinvest in the common good.

    -- Naomi Sobel, educator
  • John Burbank

    Our democracy is undermined by the polarization of wealth and income and opportunity. To realize equal opportunity and equality, we need to lessen the disparities of income, and increase the universality of opportunity.

    -- John Burbank, Economic Opportunity Institute