Our Network

Here are some of the powerful statements from members of our network:

  • Chris Wilhelmi

    When did it become fashionable, for those of us who have benefitted most from the resources this country has created, to decide we don’t need to pay it forward? Without higher taxes on the wealthy, we won’t have citizens with world-class educations, robust health, or the 21st Century infrastructure we need to be competitive. Our forefathers bequeathed to us a strong nation they helped pay for with their tax dollars. We the people, owe the future no less.

    -- Chris Wilhelmi, social media professional
  • Jody Wiser

    I come from a successful family. We would have had little success without government support. We started a farm in the desert, where neither water nor electricity was available. The government invested in rural electrification, dams, canals, and roads. Without those infrastructure investments, we would not have been able to farm that land or get our products to markets. Later, federally-funded research guided our farming practices while federal loans, disaster relief and market supports helped assure our success. There are few wealthy families that don't have similar stories of public benefits that supported their success. Having benefited, we should be paying our fair share to recycle that opportunity to others.

    -- Jody Wiser, Tax Fairness Oregon
  • The federal tax rate for the wealthiest is at an historical low. Today, it is 35 percent, whereas between 1936 and 1980, it never went below 70 percent. Since then, the share of total personal income of the richest one percent more than doubled. As a successful business person, I have benefited from the current tax system, but considering the federal deficit, I want to blow the whistle on it. I believe we need to move toward having one tax system where everyone pays their fair share.

    -- Kenneth Lewis, retired President of Lasco Shipping Company and national chairman of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation
  • As a business owner who has created hundreds of jobs over the past two decades, I know we need tax and economic policies that build strong and sustainable economic growth…Tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent will not help Main Street, it will only further mortgage our future.

    -- Mitchell Gold, CEO, Mitchell Gold + Bob William Company
  • Lisa Renstrom

    I grew up believing that capitalism and free enterprise would make the world a better place. The twisted capitalism we practice today, has left us with degraded infrastructure, threats to our health, and a shifted climate.

    -- Lisa Renstrom, Member 1% Standing with the 99%
  • Todd B. Achilles

    It is fundamental to our American values that we have a strong meritocracy which provides equality of opportunity to all Americans. Our current tax structure is regressive and unfairly burdens those in the middle and bottom tiers. Ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to be successful and pursue their dreams means ensuring that each and every American contributes appropriately to the nation’s well-being.

    -- Todd B. Achilles, Vice President, Hewlett-Packart