Our Network

Here are some of the powerful statements from members of our network:

  • Julie Johnson

    The parameters of this petition support the importance of taxation as a critical tool to maintain our country’s infrastructure and improve the quality of life for the entire spectrum of U.S. citizens, regardless of income level.

    -- Julie Johnson, Managing Director, Fresh Pond Capital
  • Arul Menezes

    Taxes are the price we pay to be part of a society that can take collective action that benefits everyone.

    -- Arul Menezes, Principal Architect, Microsoft
  • Eric Schoenberg

    My view is that in hard times it is important for Americans to come together and unite over the idea that medical care ought to be a basic right of citizenship. It’s only fair for those of us who have benefited the most from this system to contribute the most.

    -- Eric Schoenberg, Private investor and Professor at Columbia University
  • Because my income is made possible in part by public services, I consider the public to have claim to a fair portion of my earnings. I also recognize that a fair economy benefits everyone, including myself and my dependents.

    -- Nathan Hadfield, Vice President, Web Help Desk
  • While it’s easy to think that companies like Google and Sun Microsystems are the result of one or two people with the intelligence, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to take a risk and win big, the truth is more complex. Like CyberOptics (the high-tech business my husband founded) these businesses rely on the court systems that enforce patent and copyright laws, roads, railroads and bridges that bring raw materials and deliver finished product, as well as the research and development grants to institutions of higher education, the high quality primary and secondary public schools that educated generations of American students and the grants and scholarships to those students during college and graduate school.

    -- Beverly Caruso, psychotherapist and civic leader
  • Without national investments - supported by our taxes - no wealth would be sustained in this country and those at the top would not have the extraordinary lives they have today. Let’s make sure those outside of the top 2 percent of Americans can live and thrive. Unless we foster prosperity for our country and for every citizen, all of us will suffer the consequences of living in a society of the ailing, the untrained and inefficient, and the unruly. Let’s pay the taxes - those of us who can afford them - to sustain the America that has offered opportunity since its founding. Unless we restore strength to its economy, institutions, and structures, our country will decline - and everyone’s prospects with it.

    -- Sally Jones,