Our Network

Here are some of the powerful statements from members of our network:

  • As an immigrant I know that the great luck I had was largely because of the great infrastructure built using the taxes of the previous generations. I could not have been as successful in the country I came from. I sincerely feel that the country is an investor (in kind) just like the venture capitalists, that should be given its share of profit.

    -- Vinod Bhardwaj, software engineer
  • No one likes to talk about taxes in a positive light, but the truth is that our nation has built a remarkable marketplace for enterprise and wealth creation. Taxes paid for the public investments in research, education, infrastructure and technology that made this possible. They paid for law enforcement and orderly marketplaces. These public investments buoyed my personal opportunities and wealth. I am certain they have done the same for millions of other Americans.

    -- Gene Mulligan, retired investment manager
  • John Steel

    That something so important to every American as their taxes should fall lightly on those most able to afford proportionately higher taxes and penalize those least able, is not only a disgrace, but it is surely not American.

    -- John Steel, Attorney and former Mayor, Telluride, Colorado