Newsletter: Feb. 9, 2010

As tax season approaches, we would like to suggest some actions you can take to make this tax day a time to mobilize for fairness.

Last week, the President released his budget with some important provisions, but we are already hearing the voices of those who want to block any tax increase for wealthy people. Now is the time for us to speak out in support of progressive reform.

Wealth for the Common Good is planning a number of activities during the next three months to build awareness and jump-start public conversations about how our country can rebalance the tax code, and we need your help.
Below you’ll find a variety of actions you can take. We welcome your thoughts about how we can make the most of this tax season.

Thanks for your commitment to tax fairness,
Chuck Collins, Alison Goldberg, Bill Lyons, Ann Manning and Scott Klinger



Help us mobilize this tax season:

1. Share a quote and picture for our video. We are producing a video with the voices of high-income taxpayers who believe they should pay more. Visit our web site to learn more.

2. Write! We are looking for 20 people who can write an op-ed or letter to the editor in the next month. Interested? We’ll provide talking points and samples. Contact Alison at

3. Sign the petition to end the Bush-era tax cuts for high-income households. If you’ve already signed, please recruit three others.

4. Join Business and Investors Against Tax Havens Abuse and sign our petition. Anyone who is an investor can sign, small or large.

5. Join our team of media spokespeople. We’ll provide talking points and training. Contact Alison at


This month’s Featured Signer:

jeff_hayes“My success owes as much to luck as hard work, and much of that luck is a function of the social, political, and economic structures that the government makes possible.  I’ve had a good run over the last few years.  There’s no question that others now deserve to share in that prosperity.”

– Jeffrey Hayes, President, Stratalys Research & Consulting