Newsletter: March 16, 2010

Congress is poised to address the Bush-era tax cuts within the next two weeks. President Obama wants to extend the cuts for middle class Americans and allow cuts for incomes over $235,000 to expire, but there will be a battle in the Senate over this proposal.

We need to raise our voices to eliminate the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich.

If you haven’t already signed our petition to end the tax cuts on incomes over $235,000, please do now.

In the coming weeks we’re also gearing up for Tax Day by creating public conversations about why it is so important for our country to rebalance the tax code.

Last week, one of our members, Naomi Sobel, wrote a terrific op-ed which has been picked up by outlets across the country.

Below you’ll find a number of suggestions for actions you can take. Whether in person or online, we encourage you to weigh-in with your friends and networks about how you believe the tax code can be reformed. Please let us know if we can share any resource materials or support.

Thanks for your commitment to tax fairness,
Chuck Collins, Alison Goldberg, Bill Lyons, Ann Manning and Scott Klinger


Take Action:

Many thanks to those who have already volunteered! We are looking for people who can:

1. Write! We are looking for 20 people who can write an op-ed or letter to the editor in the next month. Interested? We’ll provide talking points and samples. Contact Alison at

2. Share a quote and picture for our video. We are producing a video with the voices of high-income taxpayers who believe they should pay more. Visit our web site to learn more.

3. Sign the petition to end the Bush-era tax cuts for high-income households. If you’ve already signed, please recruit three others.

4. Join our team of media spokespeople. We’ll provide talking points and training. Contact Alison at


This month’s Featured Signer:

sobelThe myth of the “self-made businessman” persists in this country. Of course my family members worked hard. But without many public investments, our family enterprise simply wouldn’t exist. I support higher taxes on the wealthy to continue this tradition of public investments. It will give other families the opportunity to succeed the way we have.

– Naomi Sobel, excerpt from “Raise My Taxes, Please