Our Voices Were Heard – April Actions

We had a busy week with lots of media events around the country for Tax Day. We want to share a few activities where Wealth for Common Good members and staff were involved:

April 10: 28 Patriotic Millionaires support the Buffett Rule at the White House

April 11: Elspeth Gilmore with our partner, Resource Generation, participates in panel hosted by Congressional Progressive Caucus

Click here to view video

April 13: Chuck  Collins interviewed on Buffett Rule

April 16: Chuck Collins: US News & World Report Buffett Rule Debate

April 17: Tax Day! Lots of Action around the country!

Pie Day video captures our campaign with Resource Generation in actions around the country in 1 min 32 seconds! RG Members in NYC: “Read All About It”.

Chuck Collins speaks out at “Stop the Pledge” Rally outside Grover Norquist’s office in DC.

Chuck Collins at Grover Norquist office: Stop the Pledge Rally

Ann Manning in Minneapolis:

Ann Manning Tax Day Rally in Minneapolis 2012

Ann Manning standing with 99% in Minneapolis 2012