Phone Briefing: Stop Tax Haven Abuse

Join us for — Overseas Tax Havens Should Be Illegal: A Telephone Briefing

• Help us close overseas tax havens and recover tens of billions of revenue.
• Eliminate the unlevel playing field that favors big companies over domestic business.

All corporations should pay their fair share of taxes for the infrastructure and services that support the economy on which their businesses depend. Yet, many global corporations are taking advantage of tax haven loopholes in the tax code to avoid taxes. In fact, our upcoming report will show that the corporate taxes paid by giant companies is a much lower rate than for smaller businesses , mostly because of tax haven abuse. By avoiding their fair share of taxes, companies like Best Buy and Citigroup, for example, shift their responsibility for taxes to the local appliance store or community bank.

We’ve teamed up with Business for Shared Prosperity, the American Sustainable Business Council and others to form Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse, to push law makers to close these loopholes.

Tax Haven Briefing Call: Tuesday, July 13, 1:00 PM EASTERN TIME

You are invited to learn more from a telephone briefing by Elise Bean, the legislative expert on the topic for Senator Carl Levin, lead sponsor on legislation to close tax havens. If you’d like to participate, please email Bob Keener at for the call-in number.

Sign Our Petition: Going Public in Two Weeks

If you haven’t already, please join our campaign by signing the petition. Momentum is building. In the quiet phase we’ve already collected 340 signatures. Please help us get to 500 before the public launch. The petition says, in part:

We, the undersigned business owners, executives and investors, call on the President and Congress to end tax dodging and support a level playing field for business by enacting strong legislation to stop tax haven abuses. Offshore tax havens reward tax evaders, rob public coffers of needed revenue and offload taxes to responsible businesses and households.

There is no justification for tax avoidance and evasion through tax havens. They should be made illegal and strongly enforced. Everyone needs to pay their fair share to keep America moving forward.