How the Wealthy View Taxes

This past week two very wealthy Americans took two very different stances on the issue of paying taxes. Embroiled J.P Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told NBC’s Meet the Press audience that he believed many on Wall Street shared his […]

Our Voices Were Heard – April Actions

We had a busy week with lots of media events around the country for Tax Day. We want to share a few activities where Wealth for Common Good members and staff were involved: April 10: 28 Patriotic Millionaires support the Buffett Rule at […]

Distributed by Other Words: Betsy Malcolm: Luck Matters

An equitable tax system — paying for public services we all use, as well as offering support and a hand-up to those who’ve lost out in life’s lottery — should demand more of us. By Betsy Malcolm   Distributed by Other […]

Patriotic Millionaire Videos

The Patriotic Millionaires include almost 200 people with incomes over $1 million and are advocating to increase their own tax rates. Read the sign-on letter here. A video message to Speaker John Boehner and members of Congress: Watch press clips: […]