The Huffington Post: Huff Post: Resurrect the Estate Tax

by Chuck Collins & Sam Pizzigati

Originally published on, June 2, 2010

How can a civilized nation afford to hand the heirs of the super-rich billions of dollars tax-free and not afford to keep teachers in classrooms? […]

Bolder taxes

Wealth for the Common Good cofounders Chuck Collins and Alison Goldberg will speak on a March 25th teleconference organized by Bolder Giving. Learn how those of us in the philanthropy world can leverage billions of dollars towards causes we care […]

Oneida Daily Dispatch: Estate tax breathes life into economy

A century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt expressed alarm about the dangerous concentration of wealth and power in the U.S., and called on the incoming 60th Congress to establish a federal estate tax on large fortunes. Its primary objective, Roosevelt said, […]

The Huffington Post: An Estate Tax Victory by Any Other Name

Sometimes you can’t declare victory until the other side concedes defeat. That’s what happened Monday in the decade-long struggle over the future of the federal estate tax, our nation’s only levy on inherited wealth. The coalition of corporate lobbyists and […]