CNN Money: Millionaires ask Congress to raise their taxes

  A group of millionaires visits Capitol Hill to ask lawmakers for a tax hike to help cut deficits. WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) — A group of two dozen millionaires stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday, demanding lawmakers raise their taxes. “We want […]

Distributed by Other Words: Betsy Malcolm: Luck Matters

An equitable tax system — paying for public services we all use, as well as offering support and a hand-up to those who’ve lost out in life’s lottery — should demand more of us. By Betsy Malcolm   Distributed by Other […]

Ed Show, MSNBC: Millionaires for Tax Hikes

Daniel Burger, a Philadelphia attorney and a member of the Patriotic Millionaires, explains why he supports raising taxes for those who make over one million dollars per year.