Common Dreams: Chuck Collins: A Decade of Magical Tax-Cut Thinking

The 2001 Bush tax cuts added $2.5 trillion to the national debt and disproportionately benefited the wealthiest households. Have we learned anything? Republican leaders in Congress have a one-point program for whatever ails the nation: cut taxes for millionaires and […]

Press Release: Patriotic Millionaires Strike Again

For Immediate Release: Contact: Jesse Beck at AGENDA PROJECT April 13th, 2011                                                                      212-481-8302 or **** Patriotic Millionaires Strike Again Millionaires to President, Reid and Boehner: “Increase our taxes NOW!”   Signers include: Director Doug Liman […]

My San Antonio: Millionaires and their tax request

Millionaires and billionaires have several options. They can: A. Do nothing except enjoy their wealth. B. Make an effort to position their money so that they avoid paying taxes. C. Continue working and investing, leveraging their wealth to become even […]