East Texas Review: Barclay on Financial Transaction Tax

Great opinion piece by former Chicago Stock Exchange executive and Wealth for Common Good member, Bill Barclay: We must reduce the role of finance so that it once again supports the real economy of goods and services, rather than playing […]

The Nation: Six Unfair Corporate Tax Rules

Originally published on NPR.org, April 25, 2012 By Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson Many American families will have paid more in federal income taxes than some of America’s largest and most profitable corporations. AT&T, Boeing, Citigroup, Duke Energy and Ford collectively […]

Bloomberg: Repatriation Tax Lobbying Campaign Said to Disband

A lobbying coalition advocating for a tax holiday for repatriating offshore profits has disbanded, said a lobbyist who worked on the effort who wouldn’t publicly discuss the reasons for the decision. The Win America Campaign, which included Cisco Systems Inc., […]

The Hill: Paul Egerman: Proud to invest in America

I love America, and have proudly invested in America. I have invested by building successful businesses employing thousands of American workers. And I have invested in our country by paying taxes. But our nation loses $100 billion a year to […]

The Hill: Business groups come out against corporate tax holiday

A business group that has taken some positions popular among liberals has come out against a corporate tax holiday for offshore profits, saying U.S. multinationals already have too much incentive to ship jobs abroad. Business for Shared Prosperity and a […]