Myths That Just Won’t Die

Yesterday was Columbus Day, the day that the federal government recognizes Christopher Columbus as the first European explorer to set foot in North America. Over the last fifty years, we’ve seen the day’s celebration change dramatically as Native Americans have […]

Gold Medals of Tax Cutting

As Congress rushes for the exits to begin their month long summer vacation, they’ve been busy passing tax cut legislation that in many categories is worthy of a Gold Medal. The Senate started last week when it passed a one-year […]

Robin Hood Tax Campaign Kicks Off

A coalition of groups and supporters have launched a campaign to educate Americans about how a Financial Transaction Tax would work as well as their importance as a key revenue raising tool.  Described as “small change for banks, big change for people,”  not […]

Take Action this Tax Day

Tax policies are now on the front burner: The Buffett Rule will soon come up for a vote in Congress. Americans are learning the truth about unequal treatment of wealth and work in our tax code—how capital gains and investment […]

Other Words: Job-Killing Tax Breaks

As the owner and general manager of two inns near Harvard University, I derive personal satisfaction and intellectual rewards from developing and running a successful small business. As a capitalist, I disagree with the politicians and policymakers who invoke the […]