North Star Fund Community Blog: What is fair taxation?

During this “tax season” some wealthy people are advocating to increasetheir own taxes.  A growing network of high-income individuals and business people are calling on Congress and the President to say, “Let my tax cut go!” This dialogue was the focus […]

Metro West Daily News: Taxes flavor a healthy economy

Think of taxes in taste terms. We’ve been conditioned to think of taxes in disgusting, bitter terms something like bad-tasting medicine to be avoided whenever possible. But consider another possibility: taxes are the delightful taste of a healthy democratic economy […]

The Hill: Group wants to raise taxes on wealthy

Increasing taxes on the nation’s wealthiest Americans would collect $450 billion in new revenue, while discouraging financial speculation, strengthen the economy and provide greater transparency, fairness and simplicity to the tax code, according to a new proposal released Wednesday. During […]

Forbes: Forbes: Tycoon tax bite down by since 1955

In 1776 the United States became perhaps the only country ever to be founded after a revolution based largely on the explicit issue of tax rates. More than two centuries later the issue still resonates loudly, and not just among […]

The Nation: WFCG launches new report

The challenge for progressives and Democrats in these turbulent times is how to consistently and clearly explain the real causes of our current economic condition. One problem is that we live in a center-left country with a center-right media that […]