Take Action this Tax Day

Tax policies are now on the front burner:

  • The Buffett Rule will soon come up for a vote in Congress.
  • Americans are learning the truth about unequal treatment of wealth and work in our tax code—how capital gains and investment dividends get preferential treatment over income from work.
  • majority of all Americans, including a stunning 52% of Republicans, support raising taxes on the wealthy.

Now that’s progress!!! Our network of individuals like you, who have spoken out over and over, have made a big difference in getting these issues on the table—from kitchen tables to conference tables!

This is a critical moment for our work together.

This Spring, we will see a variety of visible actions – people speaking out, marching, and meeting with legislators.

How you can get involved:

  • Join the Tax Day Rally in Washington, DC on April 17th. Wealth for the Common Good is part of a national coalition that is planning the event, and we are looking for a good turnout and visible solidarity between the 99% and the 1%. Visit the rally website for details.
  • Write an Op-Ed. We’ve got the talking points all ready to go. You can draft your own and we’ll help edit and get it placed OR we will conduct a brief interview with you and draft a letter for your revision/approval. Contact Ann Manning at ann@wealthforcommongood.org.
  • Participate in Creative Actions. The young people who launched We are the 1%. We stand with the 99% are cooking up some fun, consciousness-raising actions in cities around the country. Visit the campaign site, or you can contact Ann Manning at ann@wealthforcommongood.org.