Taxes, Privilege and Wealth: A Workshop for Young People

Mark your calendars for a unique opportunity to learn about some of the big tax policies that are up for debate and how young people with privilege and wealth can engage in fair and progressive tax reform.  You don’t need to know anything about tax policy to participate!  Join us to learn about income taxes and inequality, how wealth and work are taxed differently, and what we can do to ensure the estate tax is maintained.

This workshop is organized by Wealth for the Common Good and co-sponsored by Resource Generation.


Chicago – February 26, 2009 facilitated by Kristen Cox

San Francisco – April 15, 2009 facilitated by Greg Cluster and Holmes Hummel

Washington, DC – May 9, 2009 facilitated by Bill Lyons and David Krakow

Boston – May 13, 2009 facilitated by Chuck Collins and Alison Goldberg

New York – June 23, 2009 facilitated by Jason Franklin

RSVP: Contact Alison Goldberg,

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