The faces of tax fairness

As tax day approaches, Wealth for the Common Good wants to encourage political leaders and the voting public to take a closer look at our tax code. The effective tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans, as compared to the effective tax rate paid by middle-income Americans is out of balance. We’re advocating for a set of reforms that would bring greater equity to the tax code.

This tax season, we’re producing a video to help convey this message, and we need your help. We are looking for high-income taxpayers who are willing to submit a quote and picture to include in our video.

Here’s what we are looking for:

1) 1-2 sentence statement about why you think progressive tax reform is fair.

2) A picture of you: this could be a head shot, an action shot, or even an image with you holding up a “picket sign” of your quote.

3) Your effective tax rate (optional). To figure this out – divide the dollar amount you paid in taxes by your Adjusted Gross Income for that same year.

Please email these materials to Alison at by March 15th, indicating that you give Wealth for the Common Good permission to use them for promotional materials.

Thanks for your help putting a face on tax fairness!